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Geraldine Lee, Licensed Midwife

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LATEST NEWS:  Fremont Midwifery is starting sabbatical in mid-January, and we are not accepting new clients for the time being.  If you are a returning client, please contact us!

Current clients: For up-to-date paging information on the blog, ask your midwives for the password.

We are attending births at Seattle’s newest birth center, Center for BirthThis beautiful, new birth center is in Eastlake within close proximity to the University of Washington Medical Center.

About Fremont Midwifery

Fremont Midwifery is the practice of Geraldine Lee, Licensed Midwife, specializing in home, birth center, and water birth deliveries.  Fremont Midwifery is committed to the following:

safe  personal  sustainable

Safe and satisfying birth experiences:  No matter where you deliver your baby, we are dedicated to providing you the pros and cons of each procedure or intervention so that you can make the best informed decisions for yourself and your baby.  We treat each client as an individual, each on her own unique path towards birth, motherhood, and beyond.  Click here for a list of studies demonstrating the safety of out-of-hospital birth.

Community:  We primarily serve families in Central Seattle, North Seattle, and Shoreline.  Our office is especially convenient for these neighborhoods: Fremont, Wallingford, Greenlake, Phinney, Ballard, Queen Anne, and West Seattle (via 99).  If you don’t live in these neighborhoods, you may still come to us!  Contact us for a free consultation visit about midwifery care.

Sustainability:  We limit the practice to 8 births per month to avoid burnout and overlap.  Whenever possible, we try to carpool, bike, or walk to home visits.  Many of our clients live within 3 miles of our practice, reducing driving distances for families and midwives.  And finally, Fremont Midwifery makes an environmental commitment to reducing disposable medical waste.  


I believe in a woman’s right to choose her place of birth, whether it is in the home or hospital.  A woman needs to give birth where she feels safe, supported, and empowered.